Data that spans markets and asset classes
The background visualization on our homepage is driven by Markit's broad and dynamic suite of data offerings, which includes pricing information and index families across asset classes. Through a combination of leading technology and industry expertise, we refine and distribute billions of gigabytes of data on a daily basis to deliver insight into the global financial markets. The movements here are a reflection of actual data points we are delivering to our clients.
Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index
The Markit PMI™ series are monthly economic surveys of carefully selected companies compiled by Markit. They provide advance insight into the private sector economy by tracking variables such as output, new orders, employment and prices across key sectors. Economic analysts, business decisionmakers, forecasters and policy makers leverage PMIs to better understand business conditions in any given economy. Central banks in many countries use the data to help make interest rate decisions, and analysts in the financial markets use PMI data to forecast official economic data.
Markit iTraxx indices are a family of tradable credit default swap indices covering the European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African markets. The selection methodology ensures that the indices are replicable and represent the most liquid, traded part of the market. Markit iTraxx indices allow investors to express their bullish or bearish sentiments on credit as an asset class and portfolio managers to actively manage their credit exposures.
Markit CDX indices are a family of tradable CDS indices covering North America and emerging markets. Our selection methodology ensures the indices represent the most liquid segment of the market. The high liquidity and transparency provided by the indices make it possible to trade credit index tranches, options and first-to-default baskets. With the CDX indices, market participants can easily gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of credits and efficiently hedge credit risk.
Recent Highlights
On August 12th 2015 Markit announced acquisition of CoreOne Technologies
On August 12th 2015 Markit announced second quarter financial results
Acquisition will create an end to end solution for FX, from trading services to post trade processing and compliance


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