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The Markit Auctions platform provides comprehensive auction and auction management services across asset classes.


  • Custodian
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  • Settlement agents
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  • Registries
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  • Execution facilities
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  • Regulators


  • 130+auctions administered solely or jointly by Markit since 2005
  • 10+environmental auctions in 2013

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Product summary

The Markit Auctions platform is customised for each auction program and offers the flexibility to meet most auction requirements. The platform provides functionality for auction setup, participant application, bidding, price calculation, results generation, approvals and result distribution, as well as interfaces to third parties.

Markit connects all auction participants, including bidders, custodian and settlement agents, registries, auction monitors, regulators and execution facilities.

We conduct credit event auctions on behalf of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, in conjunction with Creditex. We also provide auction services to the environmental markets with an auction platform and operational service to the California Air Resources Board’s Cap-and-Trade Program Auction and Reserve Sales and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

    Key Benefits

    • Efficiency

      Close collaboration with auction sponsors, regulators, clearers and participants to deliver robust auction infrastructure and operations processes

    • Expertise

      Auction process training and education available for participants and other interested parties

    • Transparency

      Process, methodology, results and documentation, as defined by auction sponsors, available to all participants, with fully auditable auction proceedings and results

    • Flexibility

      Configurable across asset classes and multiple auction parameters

    • Reliability

      Time-tested platform, with auctions administered by Markit in a highly secure environment


    • Upcoming auctions

    • Credit Event Auction Results

    • Water Quality Credit Auction Results

    • Greenhouse Gas Emission Auction Results