Commodity Tracker

Enabling clients to digitize and seamlessly manage the documentation flow associated with physical commodity assets, permitting near real-time traceability and inventory transparency.


  • Commodity Traders
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  • Trade Financing Desks
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  • Hedge Funds
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  • Consumers of Physical Metals


  • 167physical commodity warehouses integrated to date
  • 9base metals covered

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Product Summary

Commodity desks are under increasing pressure to improve their cost and risk management. Logistics teams are burdened with managing a diverse flow of paper documents, from warehouse inventory reports to bills of lading. These documents arrive in multiple languages, formats and unit standards. Manually capturing and reconciling data from these hundreds of paper documents every month is expensive and error-prone.

Available as a secure web-based portal, Commodity Tracker seamlessly transforms your existing paper inventory documents into digital data. The system analyzes the documents, and uses them to construct an accurate live view of a firm’s global inventory, whether in storage or in transit. Data capture and document management is automated for logistics teams, improving speed, accuracy and efficiency without requiring your vendors or partners to change their processes.

    Key Benefits

    • Improved efficiency

      Inline receipt of incoming documentation combined with an API allows full automation of all inventory updates, eliminating the need for manual data entry

    • Reduced risk

      Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is enhanced with machine learning-powered cognitive automation, to improve data quality

    • Value-added data

      Accessible near- real-time views of current inventory status per location provide new insight for business decisions

    • Simplified Reporting

      Industry standard csv download report, able to be exported and sent on a repeatable, scheduled basis or immediately presented for ad hoc requirements

    • Interoperability

      API access can be configured for direct integration into existing trading and risk systems, enhancing reconciliation activities

    • Searchable Archive

      All documents are stored in a hosted environment and linked to relevant material, enabling quick reference and auditability

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