Corporate Actions

Markit Corporate Actions provides a centralised source of validated corporate action data for nearly three million equities, fixed income and structured securities, across more than 170 countries and territories.


  • 3mcross-asset securities
  • 170+countries and territories

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Product summary

As financial firms face a deluge of raw information on corporate actions, the risks and costs associated with acquiring and managing this data are higher than ever. An investment decision based on poor data quality, in terms of both accuracy and timeliness, can have enormous ramifications, with potential exposure running into the millions of dollars.

Markit provides unlimited access to corporate action data and allows customers to view full details in real time, including event-level data, dates, options, terms and conditions and restrictions. We offer access to a variety of data vendors through our platform, allowing customers the flexibility to select the vendors they want to work with, which can provide them further control over data costs.

The Markit team validates data through an intricate and precise process of consolidating, researching and validating announcement information. Through this validation process, we enhance vendor records and resolve conflicting information to provide customers with a single golden corporate action record.

The service offers a low-cost entry point to the comprehensive and high quality data once only available to those who subscribed to multiple, expensive data sources.

    Key Benefits

    • Single source

      Streamlines the collection, validation and dissemination of corporate announcement operations

    • Simplified operations

      Eliminates inefficient and error-prone manual processing, transferring the burden of corporate actions to a trusted, professional service while reducing cost

    • Cost effective

      Allows firms to reduce their high fixed cost for corporate actions validation to a variable cost based on the number of securities they want to monitor

    • Reduced risk

      Limits the potential for downstream errors or delays and the risks associated with flawed data by providing high quality, validated and timely information

    • Customer service

      Provides stringent service level agreement timeframes for validation of events, paired with expert customer support in more than 18 different languages out of our operational centers

    • Advanced search

      Ability to search for all listed shares of an issue related to a local ID

    • Flexibility

      Personalised watch lists of securities, with ability to add individual securities within the platform or by uploading a CSV or Excel file

    • Transparency

      Attached documents or web links to original documents available for viewing, as well as a comprehensive audit trail of when and how the corporate action event was created and dated throughout its lifecycle


    • Maximising your investment with validated corporate action data

      Many firms are dealing with a deluge of raw information on corporate actions and face challenges that include a lack of automation, data quality, timeliness and data management. Markit offers a managed service that centralises the collection, research and validation of global corporate actions data.

      The service offers extensive data coverage and intraday processing, with unlimited access to corporate action data. Access to a variety of data vendors is offered through the platform to provide firms the flexibility to select the vendors they want to work with, which can provide further control over costs. The solution helps customers eliminate manual processes to simplify operations and reduce risk by providing high quality, validated and timely information to support investment decisions.

      To learn more, please complete the form below to register for Markit’s webcast on maximizing your investment with validated corporate action data.