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Markit Desktop combines the unique ability to monitor and analyse the OTC markets with the full range of complementary exchange and broker-sourced content, giving users a complete view of financial performance across all asset classes.


  • Hedge funds
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  • Asset managers
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  • Insurance companies
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  • Banks


  • 62m+unique listings
  • 19m+instruments

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Product summary

Emphasis on liquidity as well as capital and risk requirements has increased the need to understand relative value and assess credit performance and risk quality across a complex range of OTC asset classes.

Markit Desktop displays all OTC asset valuations on one screen, allowing comparisons across datasets against benchmarks to provide a detailed understanding of overall asset and sector performance.

Markit Desktop combines the ability to monitor the OTC derivative markets with a full range of exchange and broker-sourced content to deliver a complete view of financial performance across all asset classes.

Desktop includes a broad range of standard displays, while providing the ability to customise screen layouts and datasets to create unique views. Seamless integration with the Markit add-in for Excel, offering drag-and-drop capabilities, with easy-to-use formulas for performing detailed analysis.

    Key Benefits

    • Extensive coverage

      Integration with the full suite of Markit Pricing and Reference Data, our real-time message parsing service for OTC prices, as well as third-party datasets, key broker and contributor pricing and news

    • Advanced search

      Multiple screening tools for filtering securities by criteria, such as region, sector and rating, and easy search for single-name and index level datasets

    • Flexibility

      Pre-defined and customisable screen layouts, with ability to import watch lists to set up issuer universe and to share customised screens with other users

    • Robust analysis

      Relative analysis in detailed graphical formats using charting features and Excel plug-in enabling datasets to be integrated in real time or with history for what-if analysis and analytics

    • Excel integration

      Streaming real-time and historical datasets for position tracking, analytics and what-if analysis through integration with Markit add-in for Excel

    • Cost-effective

      Deployed market data solution offering stable performance with modular commercial models and no on-site infrastructure to maintain