Markit Enterprise Data Management (EDM)Managed services

Data is more important than ever before. Firms need to control the costs of managing and maintaining increasing volumes of data. Accurate mapping of the firm’s data architecture is essential to effective data management but this can be complex and expensive. Markit EDM managed services provides the expertise and resources that enable customers to simplify data management, control costs and retain control of their data.

Webinar replay: Practical steps to implement managed data management services

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Key Benefits

  • Time to market

    Remove the burden of standard data management activities to focus on core business and revenue enhancing opportunities

  • Sustainable cost reduction

    Reduce fixed costs and expenditures associated with hardware, applications and management

  • Rationalise vendors

    Consolidate data and solution vendor relationships

  • Operational efficiency

    Break down existing silos, increase scalability and flexibility

  • Compliance

    Facilitate faster, better integrated and more accurate regulatory reporting

  • Global staffing and support

    24 x 7 x 365 global support

Thought leadership

    • Not All Data Is Created Equal

      While data management has traditionally been a fundamental activity of the technology function across financial services, executives are beginning to realise that their ‘one size fits all’ perception of data management no longer passes muster.


      Firms cannot continue spending shrinking budgets on data management activities that provide limited differentiating value in an increasingly commoditised industry.


      To address these challenges, firms are exploring the possibility of outsourcing many lower-value data management activities to balance value, transparency and costs.