thinkFolioFixed Income Modelling

Markit thinkFolio is a cross-asset-class order management (OMS) and portfolio modelling system (PMS) with fixed income investing at its core. The extensible platform enables fund managers to slice and dice portfolios according to any criteria, including credit quality, duration, sector and geographic overlays. thinkFolio also offers sophisticated modelling capabilities to ensure managers can plan for any scenario that might impact their returns, from early repayments and rate shocks to changes in the shape of the yield curve.

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Key Benefits

  • Specialised analytics

    With its core competency in fixed income, thinkFolio offers a sophisticated set of native analytics for slicing and dicing portfolios and performing benchmark comparisons, portfolio targeting, what-if scenarios and rate shocking analysis. Proprietary and third-party analytics can also be integrated to complement these native capabilities.

  • Sophisticated modelling tools

    thinkFolio gives fund managers the ability to model the impact of different scenarios and decisions on portfolio structure and cash flows, simplify rebalances and put new capital to work easily. A sophisticated cash ladder allows users to view future cash amounts across accounts, taking in bond and loan projected cash flows, redemptions, unsettled trades and other cash flows.

  • Ease of integration

    With its flexible and extensible architecture, thinkFolio is easy to integrate into existing environments. It can be deployed as a comprehensive cross-asset-class portfolio modelling and order management system or used to address specific capability gaps in incumbent systems.

  • Reduced operational risk

    Through its detailed and flexible approach to modelling, thinkFolio offers many of the benefits of spreadsheets on an enterprise-grade software platform, which eliminates the operational risk associated with manual processes.

  • Compliance

    thinkFolio includes an integrated compliance engine that enables firms to perform pre- and post-trade checks to ensure compliance with customer guidelines, regulatory restrictions and inhouse mandates.