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Hub provides a centralized interface for managing sellside and independent research, industry content, economic research, company fundamentals and filings.

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  • 30news and research providers
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Product summary

Hub provides immediate access to entitled providers through a single sign-on, rather than via multiple password-protected websites. A customizable sidebar provides access to the complete array of features and functionality, including filtered, predictive and full-text search, as well as the ability to save and organise searches, search results and headlines. Customers can easily request new content providers to further expand their access to news, independent research and industry experts.

More than 20,000 financial market professionals, representing over 14,000 investment firms, use Hub to access research, news and data from global banks, news and third-party research providers.

    Key Benefits

    • Efficiency

      Single sign-on to access and manage sellside and independent research content, as well as other third-party research content such as company fundamentals, financials, ratings data and filings

    • Flexibility

      Customisable sidebar navigation, as well as personalised home page, watch lists and email alerts based on investment coverage and interests

    • Timeliness

      Intraday updates via headline publishing

    • Advanced search

      Full-text and predictive search capabilities, with ability to save and organize searches, search results and research headlines

    • Expanded access

      Ability to easily request access to available providers and to invite providers, to expand the accessible news and research content