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IHS Markit provides a web-based tool that consolidates sellside interactions to maintain a historical record of activity and support buyside evaluations of their providers.


  • Asset managers
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Broker/dealers
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  • Research providers
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  • Investment banks


  • 1,000+providers sending meeting data
  • 21meeting types captured


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Product Summary

IHS Markit's Interactions platform offers an aggregated view of sellside interactions while also tracking activities on a granular level. This data can support buyside assessments of the quality of service from each provider.

Evolving global regulations, including MiFID II, have led to heightened focus on how commission dollars are allocated. Investment professionals need to understand what services are being delivered to them by which counterparties, and how to compensate for those services appropriately.

IHS Markit enables investment professionals to maintain a historical record of their meetings with research providers, to help support evaluations of provider relationships. Event data is aggregated from sellside brokers to provide a single, clean data source for interaction details.

    Key Points

    • Consolidated view

      Meeting data collected via browser-based entry system or FTP and consolidated into consistent format

    • Assessment

      Ability to privately rate meetings following occurrence and maintain track record of ratings to assess quality of relationship

    • Flexibility

      Access to meeting details such as sector, industry, company, tickers, speakers, attendees, time and location, and ability to review and edit meeting details

    • Integrated with our Evaluation platform

      Review attended meetings in our Evaluation platform to seamlessly evaluate broker relationships