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Markit Digital is dedicated to the delivery and presentation of financial data, transforming complex information into elegant user experiences. As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider in the financial services industry, our innovative visualisations are the standard for interpreting, manipulating and displaying financial information.


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  • Data providers
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  • Investment banks
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  • 190mnfinancial charts served weekly
  • 2.3bnwebpage views served weekly


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Markit Digital provides design, development and hosting services.

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    Working closely with developers and customers, we create innovative and engaging designs that are easily implementable. We have the largest number of designers in the world focused solely on the presentation of financial information and workflows, and we understand how to present complex information so that users can understand and manipulate it to quickly make informed decisions.

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    A cornerstone of our value proposition, we have more than 3,000 data feeds integrated from more than 300 third-party financial data, news and content providers, as well as from our own customers. This enables our customers to choose the content providers that best meet their business needs, without sacrificing time to market.

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    On a typical week, we serve more than 2.3 billion page views of dynamic content and more than 2.5 million unique users log in to the pages we host. We can serve our customers and their clients throughout the world from our three fully redundant data centres. Our multi-layered redundancy model doesn’t stop at the data centre layer, but extends to redundant data feeds and synchronised databases, meaning that our clients’ tools and websites remain up and operating regardless of the level of traffic they experience.

Core Capabilities

  • Charting

    From an initial goal of simplifying information for the retail investor, our charts have evolved into the most elegant display of time series data and events in the marketplace. Clear titles, well-placed labels, proper display of key dates and comparisons across multiple time zones and exchange holidays are among the details we consider when developing a chart

  • PDF reports and fund factsheets

    We create company, industry, portfolio and daily market reports for many of our clients. Any interactivity that can be found on the web can be duplicated offline in a PDF document. We design reports for optimal information spacing and readability, and add value to report text by complementing it with visual displays, charts and tables to showcase the data

  • Cross reference/search

    Users can leverage the symbol cross reference (XRef) database of identifiers to execute symbol and company searches across countless numbers of data feeds to find exact matches quickly and intuitively, regardless of the user’s or the data provider’s symbology. The XRef database manages more than 750,000 cross-reference requests per minute during peak market hours. The database includes global fixed income, equity, futures, options and benchmarks as well as industry classifications and is available as part of hosted solutions, APIs and deployed solutions

  • Screening

    Markit Digital’s screening tools are interactive and intuitive, allowing users to easily drill down to their investable universe. Features such as distribution curves and pre-defined quintiles allow investors to quickly identify a group of securities that meet their investment criteria. Our screening tools can also be inverted, providing a list of results that dynamically matches a pre-defined set of criteria or strategy

  • Research aggregation

    Markit Digital’s research aggregation function commingles independent research and your research together and standardises metadata for easy comparison. It allows for unique analysis and displays, ensuring that accurate and timely data is on hand to facilitate financial decisions

  • Alerts

    Markit Digital delivers an average of two million alerts per day through various technology platforms and via multiple channels, including email, instant messages, wireless, RSS and Facebook. Investors can subscribe to their alerts of choice, and Markit Digital guarantees that they will receive an alert within five minutes of the event trigger for all price and volume alerts

  • Portfolios and accounts

    Custom portfolios and accounts make complex calculations simple to interpret and easy to transact. These custom portfolios feature performance calculations, diversification, hypothetical and forecasting analysis across multiple asset classes, including equities, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, insurance products and non-standard assets such as real estate. Holdings in multiple currencies can be displayed, and the entire portfolio can be normalised to a single currency

  • Custom analytics

    Markit Digital has developed a range of portfolio custom analytics tools that delivers analytics beyond basic calculations, in order to bring meaning to the vast amounts of data available and maximise the value of the information to the user. These tools and processes include custom technical indicators, back-testing tools and portfolio attribution analysis

  • SmartText®

    Markit Digital’s patented SmartText solution dynamically converts financial data into qualitative commentary in real time, without human intervention. The results are used on many online brokerage and financial media sites, and all text for any possible quantitative outcome can be reviewed and approved in advance of the event. SmartText® is produced by analysing raw data through dynamic logic trees in order to generate text and graphical legends that explain quantitative evaluations, ratings and recommendations. SmartText trees can be created in any language, making it a cost-effective way to create translated content

  • Mobile

    Markit Digital provides end-to-end solutions for phone and tablet applications. Our designers and developers focus on providing users with the right data and features to meet mobile environment requirements, taking into account its small form factor, limited bandwidth and differing user interactions. The service supports mobile sites built with HTML5 technologies, including geolocation, offline storage, enhanced media playback and native app-like transitions using CSS3

  • Content management system

    Custom content management tools allow customers to add, edit or delete content on their web sites without needing to contact a web developer. Clients’ administrative users can log in to the content management site to manage user entitlements, add, edit and remove content and post and remove documents, such as PDF reports. Intuitive interfaces provide a simple application for members from the business or technology teams to make changes within the framework of the site architecture without HTML coding

  • Streaming

    Streaming content into a web browser provides real-time access to market data and news alerts, while removing the need for software installation. To eliminate the extra step of downloading an application to run on the streamer, this tool uses standard web protocols with a persistent connection to our web servers, which is periodically reset to account for firewall and proxy rules

  • Community

    Easy-to-use community forums enable your users to connect with one another. Within these forums, users can ask questions, share ideas and receive feedback. Each forum is customised for the specific customer, incorporating elements valuable to the customer’s user community, resulting in an engaged investor community with a continued following


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