Markit DigitalAdhesion

Adhesion combines advanced ad-serving platform technology with hands-on support for executing and optimising the delivery of highly targeted content and driving performance improvements.


  • ETF providers
  • |
  • Insurance companies
  • |
  • Retail banks
  • |
  • Retail brokerage firms
  • |
  • Wealth management firms


  • 50B+display advertisements served annually
  • 4k+HTML5 creatives produced

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Product summary

Adhesion includes a powerful suite of integrated tools for executing a marketer’s strategy across display advertising, website marketing, and the personalisation of product pages.

The platform delivers smart, relevant and consistent messaging to the right user at the right time across channels. The service assists with increasing leads, engagement and brand awareness.

    Product Features

    • Campaign management

      The secure web-based platform is available to strengthen and simplify even the most complex campaigns. Our rules engine can be used to create multivariate or A/B test strategies with over 100 conditions available for customisation. Manage audiences with seamless integration across the web and display accounts, facilitating integrated marketing programs with a holistic view of performance.

    • Realtime reporting

      Our report builder tool uses realtime usage and performance metrics to create a large suite of reports including custom pivots on date, time, groups, cost, interactions, viewability, dwell time and more.

    • Dynamic data integration

      Access to thousands of data feeds that can be used in rich media ad units to provide relevancy and value to the viewer. Our expert designers create dynamic, interactive, data-driven creatives and are available to design content or serve as consultants for your design team.

    • Rich media creative

      Our HTML5 rich media ad units push boundaries by expanding past physical ad dimensions, by incorporating dynamic data and using exclusive technology for enhanced targeting on first party data.

    • Extensive performance reporting & optimisations

      Creative served through Adhesion receives all the traditional performance reporting, as well as overlays including: Geographic, device type, brand safety, customer segments, financial segments, interactions and more.

      Manage campaign strategy and optimise performance via the rules engine and realtime reporting - monitored closely by our team of optimisation specialists.

    Key Benefits

    • Innovation

      We stay on the cutting edge of the display advertising industry. Our list of MRC accreditations is long and we are constantly developing new technologies to manage the next big thing.

    • Fast time-to-market

      Our development team takes dynamic rich media units from concept to launch with great efficiency.

    • Hands on support

      The web based platform is accessible to customers to make realtime updates. Our team partners with our customers to ensure all campaigns go smoothly.

    • Flexible integration

      We integrate with other vendors, media partners, and systems you are using to provide a seamless workflow for your team and other teams involved in your marketing strategy.


    Interactive Advertising Bureau

    Media Rating Council

    Network Advertising Initiative

    Digital Advertising Alliance