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Chartworks by Markit Digital makes it easy to implement financial charting on all your platforms.



  • Advisor platforms
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  • Brokerage firms
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  • Financial media
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  • Institutional equity research and trading platforms

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Product summary

The basics of charting are simple, but the challenge and complexity come in the details. From managing the datafeed to handling the nuances of axes, periodicity of data, time zones, holidays and splits – it is a large undertaking. Meanwhile, end users are more sophisticated and expect a rich and interactive charting experience.

Chartworks offers chart technology across HTML5, iOS, Android and images, and includes the data to power them. It builds on Markit Digital’s 25+ years of experience building financial charts.

  • HTML5 charts

    Responsive HTML5 charts allow you to add interactive financial charts to your platform with just a few lines of JavaScript

  • Charting SDK

    iOS and Android charting SDKs allow you to quickly create interactive charting experiences within your iOS or Android app. Customise the interface changing colors, fonts, button imagery, line sizes and menus

  • Image based charts

    Simple image based charts for any platform or browser, with API interface to customise charts

Key Benefits

  • Data integration

    Data is included – we manage the charting data so you don’t need to allocate time and resources for data management

  • Platform coverage

    Supports HTML5 fully interactive charts, iOS and Android native charting SDK and static image based charts

  • Charting expertise

    Over 25 years of experience in building financial charts, with the design and development resource to get the complex details right

product demo

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Demo and documentation

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