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Outreach360 provides a single standardized and auditable platform to create, manage, send, track and store all counterparty outreach for regulatory, due diligence and data gathering purposes. This platform supports bilateral communication between all counterparties and leverages the rich entity and regulatory data which exists on Counterparty Manager.


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  • Institutional asset managers
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  • Hedge Funds
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  • Investors
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  • Corporates
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Product Summary

Outreach360 within Counterparty Manager is a centralized platform to engage with your counterparties and exchange information, ideal for regulatory requirements including MiFID II.

Through Outreach360, originating parties can analyze their existing client population, create bespoke content, complete regulatory disclosures, select distribution groups and send their required documents,

Receiving parties can respond to questionnaires, acknowledge disclosures, sign contracts, receive notifications or ask for more clarification, all through the platform.

There is a full audit history of all information exchanged on the platform and all data can be fed to downstream systems, for trading, risk and reporting requirements. Counterparty follow-ups are automated through timely reminders and you can view the status of all client outreaches via an interactive dashboard.

Under MiFID II there are several new requirements which mandate the repapering of counterparty documentation and the collection of additional reference data. These include the changing of counterparty terms and conditions, confirmation of client classifications, LEI obtainment and publishing of SI status.

Outreach360 provides a streamlined, cost-effective way of meeting your MiFID II obligations, giving you the tools to effectively manage your information publishing, gathering and repapering obligations.

    Key Benefits

    • Centralization

      A single cloud-based platform provides a streamlined regulatory and compliance on-boarding ecosystem.

      Centralized workflow – execute and track all daily tasks on one platform, leveraging reference data from Counter Party Manager

      Centralized information – create, track and send/receive documentation, standard contracts and questionnaires through one portal

    • Efficiency

      Eliminate email traffic by securely exchanging confidential documentation through a single web-based portal which provides full visibility into client interactions and responses.

      Streamline your repapering workflow by agreeing, e-signing, returning, tracking and storing your contracts in one location. Extract information easily in a normalized format.

      Standard questionnaires and Industry protocols allow you to collect common client data on behalf of the industry and share with users of the platform to meet regulatory requirements (e.g. MiFID II, EMIR, FX Code of Conduct, KYC/AML, Tax Remediation).

    • Transparency

      A customizable dashboard with real-time information and reporting allows you to view the status of all tasks in real time, providing full transparency into the progress of your workflow.


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