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Markit Parsing offers a dynamic, secure, real-time service that quickly and accurately extracts OTC pricing content from messages.


  • Banks
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Asset managers
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  • Product control groups
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  • Trading desks
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  • Valuation groups
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  • Auditors


  • 1m+messages parsed daily
  • 10m+prices parsed daily

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Product summary

Evolving regulations require that firms have policies mandating the retention of pre-trade communication for mark-to-market valuation, the calculation of capital requirements, and to serve as evidence that trades are executed at fair market prices. As a result, OTC market participants are increasingly demanding access to message and price history to meet compliance and reporting requirements.

Markit Parsing combines adaptive, real-time message parsing technology with our pricing data and industry knowledge to offer a dynamic service that extracts and stores OTC pricing content from messages. The combination of hosted technology and a dedicated data quality team ensures that customers consistently receive timely and accurate parsed data in a wide range of formats and delivery methods. This allows customers to integrate observable prices into trading, valuation and audit processes.

    Key Benefits

    • Real-time

      Timely and organised OTC pricing data that can be used for idea generation, mark-to-market, and auditing

    • Efficiency

      Cuts through clutter of thousands of messages and provides ability to view prices across multiple platforms and formats

    • Extensive coverage

      Parsing support for more than 25 OTC instruments, including CDS, indices, bonds, loans, converts, tranches, switches, rolls, recoveries, ABS, ABCDS and variance swaps

    • Data integrity

      Accuracy driven by global analyst team and sophisticated cleaning algorithms

    • Access

      Data available over multiple channels, including the web, Excel, reports and real-time APIs

    • Hosted

      Software-as-a-service delivery eliminating need to purchase and maintain hardware or software