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IHS Markit Payments provides a platform, designed in partnership with leading global banks, for virtually aggregating commission credits to support efficient management of CCA/CSA credits and eligible payments. Enhanced integrated capabilities provides users seamless retrieval of broker vote results to support commission allocations and the ability to maintain a historical record of activity of sellside interactions.

We also recently launched our Research Payment Account (RPA) Manager platform which is a MiFID II compliant solution for managing global commissions utilized for the payment of research.


  • Asset managers
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Broker/dealers
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  • Research providers
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  • Investment banks


  • 215+Buyside participants
  • 50+Sellside participants

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Product summary

Evolving global regulations, including MiFID II, have led to heightened focus on how commission dollars are allocated.

For buyside firms, managing multiple CCA/CSA programmes can be complex and operationally inefficient. IHS Markit enables buyside firms to virtually aggregate, view and manage CCA/CSA credits. Our automated reconciliation engine uses sophisticated matching criteria to identify discrepancies. Integration with our Evaluations platform allows seamless retrieval of broker vote results to support commission allocations.

Sellside firms can participate in the aggregation of their client’s CCA/CSA balances in a cost effective manner. The platform can also be used as a portal for clients to view direct CCA/CSA activity, including balances, payments and trade reconciliations.

    Key Benefits

    • Single view

      Web-based application delivering single, consolidated view of CSA/CSA balances across multiple counterparties

    • Operational efficiency

      Automated trade matching and reconciliation engine, reducing time and resources for reconciling trades and managing breaks and discrepancies

    • Reporting and compliance

      Budget, fund level and audit reports, as well as historical data available for up to ten years

    • Cost efficiency

      Complimentary to buyside firms; sellside firms pay a flat annual fee per client, with no per share toll charges

    • Centralised payment management

      Buyside firms can manage payments across CCA/CSA brokers, with split payment functionality allowing balances to be combined to meet obligations. Sellside firms can provide clients with a web portal for managing balances and reconciling trades

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    Terms Of Business

    • Download the RPA standard terms and conditions of business