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Markit Pricing Data provides comprehensive insight into the municipal bond market, delivering pricing for more than 1.1 million municipal bonds, as well as value-added metrics and liquidity scores.


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  • 1.1mmunicipal bonds priced
  • 99%rated universe coverage

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Product Summary

Markit Pricing Data delivers prices for more than 1.1 million municipal bonds daily comprising of tax-exempt Investment Grade, High yield, and also Taxable Municipal bonds. Data from our parsing technology and the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board (MSRB) feed is fed directly into our pricing engine to support rapid updates to municipal bond prices.

The pricing methodology also incorporates the financial condition of each state and municipality, uses of proceeds and other factors at the issue level to drive movements in price, regardless of the credit rating.

    Key Benefits

    • Data integrity

      High quality pricing driven by data from the MSRB feed and new issue data from EMMA, as well as data captured by our parsing service

    • Transparency

      Price files with price and yield data, standard reference data and extensive metrics for each CUSIP line

    • Dedicated support

      Dedicated support teams for support-related query or price challenges

    • Data breadth

      Valued-added metrics, including the level of price point support for the evaluated price file and the liquidity on a per CUSIP and deal level basis

    • Quality assurance analysis

      Price break reports and yield curve graphics updated continuously for enhanced oversight

    • Distribution

      Delivery via SFTP, Markit Portfolio Valuations or the Markit Desktop