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IHS Markit Research Signals delivers valuable investment insights through a comprehensive library of global stock selection and strategy signals.


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  • 400+investment signals
  • 20+years of history

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Product Summary

IHS Markit Research Signals covers more than 30,000 securities across 80 countries. Our research ranking data extracts the most valuable investment insights from a broad range of raw financial and industry-specific data sources to help enhance and expedite the return generation goals of asset managers.

An experienced analyst team is dedicated to discovering new factors related to the themes of most interest to institutional investors. The data offering is complemented by a rich set of analytical tools that support sophisticated performance analysis, research, idea generation/ testing, portfolio exposure analysis and bespoke model development.

We offer a comprehensive range of fully-integrated research and signal management services, with data standardised across indicators and regions. Global research rankings are updated daily on a 24-hour production schedule. In addition to comprehensive performance and correlation measures, the risk exposure analysis functionality reveals a portfolio’s intended and unintended ranking exposures across a broad array of investment themes.

    Thematic coverage

    • Value
    • Quality
    • Growth
    • Liquidity, risk and size
    • Price momentum
    • Earnings momentum
    • Macroeconomic

    Specialty metrics

    • Airlines
    • Banks
    • Credit risk
    • ESG
    • Insurance
    • Oil and gas
    • REIT
    • Retail
    • Sector rotation
    • Semiconductors
    • Short sentiment
    • Social media sentiment

    Key Benefits

    • Extensive coverage

      Factor ranking, correlation and performance metrics for various markets that span more than 30,000 securities across 80 countries, allowing customers to identify top performing strategies across universes, horizons and investment themes

    • Dedicated support

      Experienced team of researchers identifying and validating new signal-generating datasets and methodologies across asset classes, geographies and economic regimes

    • Robust analytics

      Web-based analytical tools for monitoring, analysing and acting on changing factor performance characteristics

    • Efficiency

      Immediate access to proven insights and actionable ranking data, freeing up time and resources otherwise required for defining, calculating and testing strategies in-house

    • Transparency

      Insight into signal definitions, providing broader insights beyond standard signals and supporting rapid strategy prototyping