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IHS Markit has the pedigree and relationships to help the Securities Finance industry meet the rapidly approaching SFTR reporting challenge.


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  • 10 Yearsof partnership
  • 3mtrades matched and processed daily

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Product summary

Trade reporting regulation mandated under Article 4 of the draft SFTR legislation will compel the securities finance industry to radically restructure its data architecture; fusing together numerous, and often disparate, data sources in order to enhance transparency.

IHS Markit Securities Finance offers a fully hosted data and reporting solution that will set an industry wide data standard which provides the foundation needed to reconcile trading activity down to the UTI and LEI level of granularity. The SFTR solution will also offer participants turnkey connectivity to trade repositories.

This modular, fully hosted, solution leverages our proven track record of delivering industry wide reporting solutions and our 10 years of partnership with the securities lending community.

  • Trade warehouse

    A fully hosted database sits at the heart of the solution. This module pulls data from the multitude of industry data sources and provides the standardized golden copy of all the industry’s trading and collateral activity, regardless of source.

  • Reconciliation engine

    A real time module that reconciles trades and creates the SFTR mandated UTIs at the LEI level with a full audit trail of the process including matching status reports.

  • Reporting solution

    A turnkey trade repository connectivity tool that will automatically deliver in scope transaction to the chosen trade repository.

  • Analytics layer

    The SFTR solution will not only meet the immediate SFTR reporting requirement, and future reporting legislation, but will also provide the framework to deliver unparalleled risk and transparency solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Existing infrastructure and relationships

    The SFTR solution builds on IHS Markit Securities Finance’s existing relationships across the securities finance industry. Our network of data contributors, built over the last 10 years, represent $15 trillion of inventory held by over 120,000 underlying funds. We process and match over 3 million transactions daily using a reporting spec that already covers the majority of fields required by the latest draft of the SFTR legislation.

  • Flexible

    The modular nature of the solution allows is customizable to suit individual needs and structure. Flexibility starts with the data ingest architecture all the way down to trade reporting as the solution will be connected to every trade repository.

  • Future proof

    The data architecture utilized by this solution has the flexibility to evolve to deliver transaction reporting across future legislation which may require transaction reporting as well as any additional transparency/risk reporting framework which may be required across the securities finance industry.