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Markit WSO Administrator is the core of the Markit WSO Portfolio Management suite of products. The system is tailored for front-to-back office operations including trade entry, transaction processing, portfolio attribution reporting and portfolio reconciliation.


  • Money management and investment firms
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Banks
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  • Insurance agencies
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  • Private equity funds
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  • Mutual funds


  • 160+clients use our services department for support
  • 100+ clients that use the software in house

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Product Summary

Markit WSO Administrator is the core of Markit’s portfolio management product suite. Markit WSO Administrator allows managers to streamline operational costs by providing asset-specific functionality for bank loans, ABS, bonds, CDS, equities, TRS and universal assets.

With Markit WSO Administrator, customers can manage a large number of assets and portfolios by streamlining the data entry process while creating an audit trail of all processed transactions. The platform’s transaction processing includes interest rate rollover, principal amortisation, spread changes, pay-in-kind and restructure.

    Key Benefits

    • Efficiency

      Assets linked across portfolios, ensuring transactions processed only once

    • Scalability

      Streamlined data entry process, with simultaneous audit trail creation of all processed transactions, enables management of large number of assets and portfolios

    • User-friendly

      Workflow wizards walk users through transactions and trades and gather information directly from the database to minimise data entry

    • Depth of data

      Position detail, referential data and historical data available to view for current settled, funded and traded positions

    • Transparency

      Track any data related to the asset to be used in calculations, reporting and compliance tests, as well as ratings, spreads, industries, default dates and market prices

    • Multi-currency

      Track and report on multiple currencies within one portfolio, as well as the ability to convert to a base currency as of a specific date