Markit Magazine - Issue 16
In light of a difficult start to 2012 our summer issue leads with an article by Bruce Kasman, chief economist at J.P. Morgan, who believes there is a strong case for sustained growth in the US at a time of financial distress elsewhere.

Also, with an eye on the Greek elections, we have an up-to-the-minute article by economist Megan Greene on the implications of the country's exit from the eurozone.
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Comply and demand - Financial institutions must stop treating risk management as a pure compliance issue, warns Dr Colin Lawrence, director of the FSA's risk specialists division
Eagle ascendant  - Claims that the US may lose its global leader status are exaggerated, writes Bruce Kasman of J.P. Morgan
An Olympic challenge? - Disruptions caused by a Greek exit can be minimised, writes Megan Greene of Roubini Global Economics
Best behaviour - Traders make decisions based on subconscious thought processes. Just knowing that can lead them to rethink their actions, writes Louise Malmstrom of Markit Academy
Trendsetting in California - California hopes its initiative to impose a compliance market for greenhouse gas reductions will also spur its economy, writes Debra Kahn
China's pearl  - China's sovereign wealth fund has been spoilt for choice over which investments to make as it pursues a unique strategy, says Dr Fei Zou
Collateral shift - Basel III could spark a change in thinking over securities lending criteria, writes Will Duff Gordon of Markit
ETPs step up  - Exchange traded products blossom as investors demand a wider breadth of asset exposure along with higher yields, writes Lauren Estabrook of Markit
TARGET2: Not why Germans should fear a euro breakup - Karl Whelan of University College Dublin argues that Germany will have bigger things to worry about than the TARGET2 system if the euro breaks up
Markit data with analysis  - The Markit Commentary & Data team puts the events of the past few months into perspective
Markit news - Recent news from Markit