Markit Magazine - Issue 17
One thing we can all be certain of in life is that everything changes, and this is a theme running through our autumn issue, which leads with a look at how social media is already changing financial services.

Meanwhile, our featured interview with Robert Goldstein of BlackRock Solutions suggests we should all get used to the idea of disruption - a variation of change - if we are to survive current market conditions.
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Markit news - Roundup of company news
BlackRock’s bedrock - Our big interview this issue features Robert Goldstein of BlackRock Solutions. He tells us why being ‘disruptive’ is key to surviving in a difficult market
How to get a hedge in advertising - Changes to US legislation mean hedge funds can now start marketing and advertising their products and services
State of integration - Huge issues remain over how to deal with the crisis in the eurozone, and our guest columnist Ruth Lea argues that moves toward banking union for the area are flawed, and actually may never happen
Taking care of cost - Everyone is looking for ways to cut the cost of trading, which is why Transaction Cost Analysis is the latest secret weapon for firms seeking to maintain an edge in an increasingly fragmented marketplace
Asia rules rift - ISDA examines whether new trading rules in Europe and the US will create inconsistencies in regulatory regimes that will give Asia an advantage
From ca$htags to crowdfunding - Facebook and Twitter led the way in taking social media to the masses, but now financial services is set to take advantage of the global phenomenon – you cannot afford to miss out on this trend
Moore's law rebooted - Technology was the last great revolution, but could the drive to develop a low-carbon economy to halt climate change be the next big global business event?
The three pillars of Solvency - The Solvency II directive is set to reshape the entire insurance industry at huge expense to insurers, but enterprise data management may offer a path to easing the pain
Covered bonds - As the investor base for covered bonds widens, the need to increase transparency and regulation within the asset class grows
Mountain people - After 20 years spent at the top of the international finance ladder, Jakob Lindquist and his partner took some time out to plan the greatest trek of all. Follow them on their perilous journey to the top of Mount Everest
Markit data with analysis  - The Markit Commentary & Data team puts the events of the past few months into perspective