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Markit Magazine is a quarterly publication that covers the opportunities and challenges facing senior managers within the global financial markets. Written by industry practitioners and journalists, it is a thought-provoking read for anyone wishing to gain greater insight into today's most topical issues.
Markit Magazine - Issue 23
Markit newsTech ThatCountry FocusRogue TradersShared ServicesChat RoomsRegulatory RoadmapMarkit LifeBook ReviewMarket InsightMarket Insight - EconomicsMarket Insight - CDSMarket Insight - iBoxxMarket Insight - LoansMarket Insight - Securities FinanceMarket Insight - DividendsMarket Insight - Structured FinanceMarket Insight - ETPsMarkit InfographMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 22
Markit newsCountry focusReady for anything2014 How they see itOut of AmericaYuan directionMarkit pagesWhen rates riseDisruptive worldMarkit lifeMarket commentaryMarkit infographMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 21
Markit newsCountry focusMan for all seasonsInto the sukMeasures for measureSense and sensitivityCommodity comebackThe new economics of derivatives pricingBanishing Sef doubtSupercharging climate financeMarkit lifeMarket commentaryMarkit infographMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 20
Markit newsBloomberg by DoctoroffCountry focusCyber terrorA tax on tradesEurope’s credit questionCurrency warsHermes on high yieldCentral clearingUK carbon callRocker fellaMarket CommentaryMarkit infographMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 19
Markit newsHowell’s highwayTurkish delightWomen on the boardImpact zoneThe risk labRisk analyticsForests and profitsAfter the storm Back to the farmWheeler dealerMarkit data with analysisMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 18
TimelinePredictions 2013Markit NewsThe Wright stuffHigh-yield trendsFuture of ETFsArctic lendingLatin movesLoansThe ProducersMarkit data with analysisMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 17
Markit newsBlackRock’s bedrockHow to get a hedge in advertisingState of integrationTaking care of costAsia rules riftFrom ca$htags to crowdfundingMoore's law rebootedThe three pillars of SolvencyCovered bondsMountain peopleMarkit data with analysis More
Markit Magazine - Issue 16
Comply and demandEagle ascendant An Olympic challenge?Best behaviourTrendsetting in CaliforniaChina's pearl Collateral shiftETPs step up TARGET2: Not why Germans should fear a euro breakupMarkit data with analysis Markit newsMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 15
Talking BusinessClearing hurdlesCut down to sizeOut of our leaguePoll positionsChina’s policy dilemmaRio revisitedThe fairest of them allTalk of the townAsia in the starting blocksOrganised climbMarkit Commentary & DataMarkit NewsMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 14
Talking BusinessA rumble along China's wallsThe shape shiftersA long look at the short viewBanks brush up on their social skillsA social revolutionLiquid water marketsWho wants to be a CTP?Choice with benefitsLocal markets: global opportunityTime to get right on the buttonMarkit data with analysisMarkit NewsMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 13
Talking BusinessIs UK monetary policy still good for business?Finger on the buttonAxis or open access?A rescue club for your golf gameCore valuesThe end of global finance?Exotic mattersMove up a gearBet your bottom dollarMarkit data with analysisMarkit NewsMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 12
Talking BusinessCredit's next top modelFrayed around the edgesTearing down the "maturity wall"The Persephone complexReddy steady goRatio rationaleA QuIC revolutionHow to make money in microsecondsAssets ascendantMarkit data with analysisMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 11
Talking BusinessDebt and TaxesA roaring tradeDifferent strokesAs solid as a bricPerfect balanceSafety firstStandard bearerFlotsam or mainstay?The popular voteLimiting collateral damageMarkit data with analysisMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 10
Crisis? Which crisis? China in your handWhat's in a nameA tale of two worldsClearing uncertaintyShock of the newClean bill of healthBrave new worldFast and furiousDebt of nationsMarkit data with analysisMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 9
The behaviour of marketsBreaking bank silosShort sellingReforming UK bankingUS mortgage-backed securitiesSustainable developmentAn environmental lesson from BrazilBenchmarking carbon emissionsValuing life insurance liabilitiesThe delivery of financial informationRating agenciesHigh-frequency tradingMarkit Commentary & DataMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 8
The power of compoundingAgainst the clockMeeting of mindsClearing: the pathSecond time lucky?Green bank’s fertile groundFollow the prevailing windDip into the dark poolTweet and sourGo with the flowMarkit commentary & dataLoan star stateMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 7
A Greek dramaPlay by the rulesLet us gather and consolidateFollow thatLooking for the next waveGlobal green giantHammer it homeJoined-up thinkingConvenience storeForce the changesMarkit commentary & dataMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 6
The harbor master and the approaching refinancing waveBridging loan communitiesGrowing painsNational healthPicking up the piecesTime and tideA green light for profitsFutures uncertainLet’s see right through the middleWhy has operational risk returned to the limelight?Markit commentary & dataMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 5
The way aheadPowering pools and puddlesShifting structuresAll eyes on the regulatorsA seismic waveCarbon positiveClimate controlA fresh opportunityBest practices for investment risk managementSmall Bang for the bucketsMarkit commentary & dataMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 4
Raising the standardGlobal ambitionOn the scrap heap?Pipeline issuesEssential to recoveryWhat lies beneath?Bursting bubblesThe right solutionDocumentation risk management for the 21st centuryThe CDS Big Bang Markit commentary and dataMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 3
Talking businessDawning of a new eraLearning from the pastBack to basicsDealing with fragmentationSpreading the word Measuring riskBare necessityMarkit Valuations Manager: a guide Markit Commentary & DataMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 2
On the spotOpen to interpretationSwimming against the tide?Long-term shift Finding valueBrazil, oil and inflationPushing the right buttonsVolatility arbitrage indices - a primerMore
Markit Magazine - Issue 1
On the spotLessons to be learnedThe wealth of nationsStructurally soundAll part of the processThe race is onReverse technicals?Changing the rulesMore
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