Markit Enterprise Data Management (EDM)Data warehouse and reporting

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is a flexible data management platform that integrates with any database, application or file structure to pull disparate data types from multiple sources into a central hub. EDM creates consistent versions of the truth in a traceable, audited environment. It benefits firms through greater control of their data, increased transparency, seamless integration with consuming applications and support for ongoing compliance.

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Use Cases

  • Data Warehouse

    The EDM Warehouse provides customers with the option to leverage, a predefined enterprise data model as part of its deployment. The EDM Warehouse is packaged with a library of inbound data services that allows users to populate either the entire enterprise model or individual data sets. An outbound report services layer is available to expedite delivery of information to downstream applications.

  • Reporting

    EDM Reporting provides a single user interface that enables each customer to define how data and documents are shared across operations, portfolio management, compliance, customers and third parties. Customers benefit from high levels of security, data governance controls and performance. Customer’s teams can deploy interactive views into a customisable dashboards and reports.

  • DataStore

    EDM DataStore provides a companion historical database to the EDM central third party database, housing both snapshot and versioned data. It seamlessly visualises data from the EDM web user interface across both databases.