Markit Enterprise Data Management (EDM)Energy and Commodities

EDM pulls raw format data, from various sources, in any format, into a central platform. EDM enables firms to keep their data decentralised and simply sources, imports, validates, enriches, aggregates and distributes data across the system. It acts as a single hub for regulatory and internal reporting, provides a transparent audit trail and data lineage provides look through hierarchy.

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Key Benefits

  • Pricing Data

    EDM supports multiple pricing methodologies. Complex validation workflows ensure data is verified both technically and by business logic to identify and remedy missing prices, stale prices and erroneous data. EDM also integrates to internal and external systems to ensure data is automatically provided in the structure required.

  • Curve Management

    EDM intuitively builds new curves, diffs, cross commodity curves, proprietary curves, vol surfaces. Curves can be generated from EDM or using existing data repositories. Curve testing, implied spreads builder and curve shaping provides extensive data manipulation tools for users.

  • Transaction Management

    EDM collects transactions from venues as executed and performs firm specific enrichment, transformation and STP to E/CTRM systems. Transactions can be updated with book, portfolio and strategy information whilst automatically applying broker/clearing fees or counterparty information. Trades can be split across multiple books and fills rolled up into single orders pre booking. OTC and bilateral trades can be captured direct from E/CTRM platforms to build a full transaction universe.

  • Regulatory Reporting

    EDM can standardise and validate data and documentation required for regulatory reporting such as EMIR, REMIT, MiFID, FinFrag. EDM also enables automated reporting and reconciliation using bidirectional interfaces with repositories, RRMs and ARMs.

  • Market Data Optimisation

    EDM allows detailed analysis of data licensing and data usage within firm, ensuring optimal use of data licences and achieving savings where data is being used inefficiently. EDM provides usage reporting and real-time alerting of usage breaches and data requests from users.

  • IPV

    EDM allows automation for independent price verification, comparing internal curves and vol surfaces with external sources. This enables identification of risks, calculation of P&L risks and analysis of marking performance and valuation discrepancies.