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eSubDocs by CTI Tax Solutions allows funds to obtain subscription materials electronically and to centralise and integrate a “golden source” of investor data for purposes of completing regulatory-driven client due diligence


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  • Hedge funds
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  • Private equity firms

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Product summary

Using eSubDocs, funds can automate and centralise investor onboarding and ongoing compliance monitoring obligations both onshore and offshore. eSubDocs allows funds to obtain subscription materials electronically and manage account due diligence reviews including AML/KYC, tax, legal, and FATCA within a single system.


    Key Benefits

    • FATCA support (Tax Withholding)

      Recognises FATCA classifications and form validation results fed from our tax document validation and certification products, and produces appropriate withholding rates under FATCA and 1441. Also recognizes and modifies withholding rates in accordance with presumption rules in final FATCA rules and notifies customers of whether the withholding required is FATCA or 1441 withholding as well as information required for 1042-S and 1042 reporting

    • FATCA support (Tax Reporting)

      Integrated system logic to account for form instructions and updates to FATCA tax rates, entity types and exemption codes for 2014, and helps address FATCA reporting requirements including Form 8966, “UK FATCA” and CRS, the global FATCA reporting schema developed by the OECD

    • For investors:

      Markit | CTI Tax Solutions eSubDocs allows investors to create accounts for managing multiple investment opportunities in one central platform. The platform enables investors to provide static data via an online interview, sign subscription documents electronically, and upload supporting documentation in realtime. Investors also may reuse information and documentation from previously completed subscription documents for new investment opportunities

    • For funds and fund administrators:

      Markit | CTI Tax Solutions eSubDocs helps funds manage investor documentation and due diligence reviews for onboarding and compliance monitoring obligations, including AML/KYC, tax, FATCA (both onshore and offshore) and IGA obligations. Using the eSubDocs administrative console, funds and fund administrators may perform a number of administrative functions, including manually inputting paper-provided subscription documents, providing outside counsel with access to investor subscription documents for due diligence review and sign-off, and running investor status and administrative reports

    • Ease of use

      User friendly experience, enabling users to generate reports without requiring subject matter expertise