Counterparty Manager

Counterparty Manager is a highly secure environment for trading counterparties to manage and share documentation, make regulatory representations and validate compliance with evolving business conduct rules and KYC/AML obligations.


  • Institutional asset managers
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Broker dealers
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  • Prime brokers
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  • Loan agent banks
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  • Fund administrators / custodians


  • 78k+funds
  • 5k+buyside subscribers

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Product Summary

Markit Counterparty Manager allows users to upload, disseminate and maintain over 200 document types across 45 categories and supports the documentation requirements of essential processes including KYC, tax, legal, AML and credit.

With the efficient exchange of counterparty information and trading agreements key to successful trading relationships, Counterparty Manager is the ideal tool to support front, middle and back office document management processes.

    Key Benefits

    • Ease of use

      Simple-to-use, online interface for uploading, disseminating and maintaining counterparty documentation, enabling streamlined and cost-effective document processing and content management

    • Efficient

      Facilitates the fast and effective exchange of thousands of bilateral agreements

    • Extensive network

      Easy access to broker/dealer, institutional investor and other trading counterparties

    • Regulatory compliance

      Supports KYC process management and ensures compliance with new regulatory obligations imposed by Dodd-Frank, EMIR and FATCA


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