Markit Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Markit EDM is a data management platform that acquires, validates and distributes trade, operational, risk, finance and customer data. It creates a single, version of the truth in a consistent, fully audited environment. Firms benefit from greater control, ongoing compliance and transparency of their data.


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  • Asset managers
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  • Banks
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  • Broker dealers
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  • Commodity firms
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  • Energy firms
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Insurance
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  • Pension funds
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  • Regulators


  • 150+clients globally
  • 50+global implementation staff
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Product Summary

EDM is a flexible solution that pulls any data types from multiple sources into a central hub. Customers are able to streamline front, middle and back office operations and create consistent versions of data in a fully audited and transparent environment.

EDM enables firms to keep their data decentralised. The central hub simply sources, imports, validates, enriches, aggregates and distributes data across the organisation. EDM’s data lineage ensures firms are able to trace back the data. This delivers transparency on where the data came from, who touched the data and what rules were applied.

    Key Benefits

    • Data governance

      Creates a single version of the truth, data stewardship of data assets and a transparent audit trail.

    • Data quality

      Data is validated, enriched and reconciled across multiple sources reducing operational risk.

    • Data transparency

      Data lineage provides look through hierarchy and side by side source comparisons.

    • Data integration

      Internal and external data silos can be eliminated. Legacy applications and systems can be consolidated.

    • Data dissemination

      Data can be aggregated and presented in the right format at the right time as needed by each business

    • Deployment

      EDM is available as an installed or hosted solution


    • IDC Financial Insights: Empowering Wealth Management Through Enterprise Data Management Technology

      Northern Trust has implemented Markit EDM to help manage its growing investment operations outsourcing function.


      This IDC Financial Insights study highlights Northern Trust’s experience deploying and using Markit EDM, including the business rationale behind the decision, results attained, lessons learned and future plans to expand its use of the platform.



    Case Studies

    • Principal Global Investors - Data governance and compliance

      Principal Global Investors embarked upon an overall data governance initiative across multiple time zones and systems to realise the full value of its data.


      The successful implementation of Markit EDM means the firm now has access to higher quality data with a single golden copy across all aspects of data, enabling quick resolution of discrepancies.


      Its data management team can now quickly and easily create basic rules around its data without relying on IT.



    • F&C Investments - Front to back office integration

      Having grown via acquisition over many years, F&C Investments had multiple trading, risk and compliance systems across the organisation.


      The firm deployed Markit EDM to help standardise the front office environment for portfolio management, trading, compliance and risk across multiple back office systems.


      The project was run in parallel across multiple teams and projects on the same single instance of Markit EDM.



    • Newton Investment Management - Indices and benchmark Management

      Newton Investment Management needed a data management platform to manage over 600 indices across their systems to satisfy a dynamic investment team


      Markit EDM's solution satisfied a key remit to empower users to manage, manipulate and distribute cleansed audited data to core investment management systems


      The firm has used Markit EDM as the foundation for new system implementations since 2003 with minimal support.



    • Aberdeen - Security and price master management

      Aberdeen grew from a $10 billion AUM firm in a single location to a global $140 billion firm in 8 years.


      Markit EDM was selected to provide a data control layer between the organisation and its market data vendors and outsourced back office providers.


      The platform was deployed globally, primarily as a security and price master management utility between multiple back offices, index data sources and pricing providers.



    Customer Portal


    Centre for Excellence enables customers to quickly take ownership and release the full value of their EDM platform.

    Certification is available for three different audiences: business analysts, operational end-users and IT.

    Through accreditation, members become in-house specialists, reducing security concerns and achieving a return on investment in less than six months.

    • Markit EDM Core Training Introduction

      This course provides a general overview of Markit EDM components and workflow. Participants must pass the introduction exam before taking the advanced course.

    • Markit EDM Core Training Advanced

      Markit EDM workflow

      Loading data – best Practice

      Export/import database parameters

      Export/import component package for security source

      Event watcher and process launcher


      DataTyping and transform and align – best practice

      Rule builders

      Add new source to DataMatcher

      Data mastering and universes

      Business validation and data quality

      Solution workflow

      Data generator – best practice

      Optimisation of the constructor

    • Markit EDM User Interface Workflow

      Web component types – element, page and workflow

      Inboxes and manager

      Charts and actions

      Data entry

      Forms and workflow nesting

      Workflow branching

      Solutions and navigation


    • Training calendar



      Core Markit EDM and UI Training - London

      Markit EDM Introduction: January 18th - 19th

      Markit EDM User Interface: January 20th - 21st



      Core Markit EDM and UI Training - Amsterdam

      Markit EDM Introduction: February 8th - 9th

      Markit EDM User Interface: February 10th - 11th

      Core Markit EDM and UI Training - Chicago

      Markit EDM Introduction: February 8th - 9th

      Markit EDM User Interface: February 10th - 11th

      Core Markit EDM and Advanced Training - London

      Markit EDM Introduction: February 15th - 16th

      Markit EDM Advanced: February 17th - 19th



      Core Markit EDM and UI Training - London

      Markit EDM Introduction: March 14th - 15th

      Markit EDM User Interface: March 16th - 17th



      Core Markit EDM and UI Training - New York

      Markit EDM Introduction: April 4th - 5th

      Markit EDM User Interface: April 6th - 7th

      Core Markit EDM and Advanced Training - London

      Markit EDM Introduction: April 18th - 19th

      Markit EDM Advanced: April 20th – 22nd

    Press Releases

    • Oct 5 2015

      Markit wins KfW group wide enterprise data management mandate

    • Sep 7 2015

      Yaacov Mutnikas joins Markit’s executive team



    • Sep 29 2015

      Enterprise Data Management Customer Advisory Group

    • Oct 19 2015

      Enterprise Data Management Customer Advisory Group