InformationAs the global financial markets continue to
evolve, driven by changing regulatory and
business requirements, demand for high quality
data will only grow.

Markit is committed to delivering dynamic, scalable data services with the flexibility to meet current and future needs. Through a unique combination of leading edge technology and expertise, we refine and distribute billions of gigabytes of data every day to provide customers with deep insight into the global financial markets.


  • Markit Pricing Data
    price updates per second
    Markit Pricing Data

    Markit Pricing Data delivers independent CDS, loan and bond pricing data as well as fair value stock prices and securities lending data for stocks and bonds.

  • Markit Reference Data
    government, sovereign, agency and corporate bonds
    US municipal bonds
    Markit Reference Data

    Markit Reference Data supports the credit derivative, bond, equity, syndicated loan and legal entity data needs of the financial markets.

  • Markit Indices
    swap notional outstanding
    AUM in ETFs
    Markit Indices

    Markit is a global index provider, with coverage that includes equities, fixed income and economics.

  • Markit Information Services
    instruments covered
    Markit Information Services

    Markit provides a suite of information services designed to help our customers acquire, integrate, distribute and analyse data.