MarkitSERV provides end-to-end trade processing and workflow solutions that support all participants in OTC trading from post trade notices of execution, trade confirmation and allocations to clearing and reporting.


  • Asset managers
  • |
  • Hedge funds
  • |
  • Pension funds
  • |
  • Fund administrators
  • |
  • Dealers
  • |
  • Interdealer brokers
  • |
  • Execution venues
  • |
  • Prime brokers
  • |
  • Clearing brokers
  • |
  • Futures commission merchants


  • 90k+OTC derivatives processing actions per day
  • 2k+network of active customers, including sellside firms, buyside firms and execution venues
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Product Summary

Ongoing OTC market structure changes are altering the way the industry operates, creating an intricate web of connectivity, data management and trade processing requirements. Rapid growth in new trading, reporting and clearing venues globally, along with the associated connectivity and processing demands, are increasing pressure on the middle and back office infrastructures of buyside and sellside participants. For all parties, the costs associated with compliance with new and evolving OTC regulations while maintaining operational flexibility are higher than ever.

MarkitSERV helps industry participants meet these challenges, while minimising the cost and complexity of running their business. By integrating processes along the OTC transaction lifecycle from post trade notification and confirmation, to allocations and regulatory clearing and reporting, we provide end-to-end, multi-asset trade processing solutions that support all OTC market participants.

MarkitSERV supports a broad range of asset classes and products, working continuously with the global financial industry to ensure swift and efficient coverage of new products.

Current coverage includes:

  • Credit

    The majority of credit derivative products available to trade today, including all standardised transaction types introduced under the ISDA CDS “Big Bang” Protocol

  • Equity

    Single-name index and share transactions globally for options, total return swaps, variance swaps, dividend swaps and corresponding sub-products, including variance, barrier, spread, butterfly, straddle, strangle and exotic options, and dispersion variance swaps

  • FX

    FX spot, forwards, options and non-deliverable forwards (NDF)

  • Interest rates

    Interest rate swaps (IRS), forward rate agreements (FRA), overnight index swaps (OIS), ZC inflation swaps, non-deliverable transactions for IRS and OIS, cross-currency interest rate swaps, cross-currency basis swaps, basis swaps, swaptions, caps and floors

Key Benefits

  • Extensive coverage

    Supporting trade processing requirements for cleared and non-cleared transactions across all major asset classes

  • Unparalleled global network

    Connecting execution venues (including SEFs), dealers, interdealer brokers, futures commission merchants, asset servicers, clearinghouses, repositories, buyside institutions and all other participants in the transaction lifecycle

  • Automated trade workflow

    Fully automates processing workflow through the transaction lifecycle, from trade confirmation and position management to clearing and regulatory reporting destinations

  • Simplified regulatory processing

    Single point of access to multiple global clearing and reporting destinations, reducing the cost and complexity of complying with multiple, regulatory obligations

  • Flexible connectivity

    Configurable connectivity and service access options include secure, web-based UIs, API interfaces, multiple file upload options and bespoke integration directly to middle and back office environments


  • Jun 22 2016

    Creditflux Private Credit Conference

  • May 16 2016

    IMN CLO and Leveraged Loans conference

  • May 3 2016

    LSTA Operations and Settlement Conference

  • Apr 14 2016

    Profit & Loss Forex Network

  • Sep 24 2015

    Profit & Loss Forex Network