Markit Reference DataCDS

Markit Reference Data provides verified reference data to the credit derivatives market.


  • Hedge funds
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  • Interdealer brokers
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  • Banks
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  • Market data service providers
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  • Trade processing platforms


  • 13kreference entities
  • 6kreference obligations

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Product Summary

Confirming CDS trades with accurate data is essential for managing risk and maintaining operational efficiency in the market. Historically, firms had used many operational and legal resources to manually confirm CDS reference data while trying to avoid trade breaks with their counterparties.

Markit Reference Data confirms the relationship between a reference entity and a reference obligation, as well as corporate actions, CDS succession events and credit events. We also provide verified index and constituent information for credit indices, including updated weighting and index factors upon a credit event.

Our CDS reference data enables counterparties to rapidly agree on transactions and to have confidence in the integrity of the underlying reference data.

    Key Benefits

    • Data integrity

      Legal verification of reference data through a proven, multi-stage scrubbing process

    • Trade efficiency

      Unique alphanumeric RED codes assigned to all reference entities and reference obligations, which are used to confirm trades on MarkitSERV and other trade matching and clearing platforms, facilitating straight-through processing

    • Dedicated support

      Global support team available to research reference data inquiries

    • Distribution

      Data accessible via web, automated downloads of XML reports or third-party platforms

    Standard Reference Obligation

    • Standard Reference Obligation

      The 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions are an updated and revised version of the 2003 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions, a document that contains basic terms used in the documentation of most credit derivatives transactions.

      The 2014 Definitions introduce the standard reference obligation (SRO), allowing for the adoption of a standardised reference obligation across all market standard CDS contracts on the same reference and seniority level.

      Markit is the appointed SRO administrator and will publish the SRO list specifying the reference obligation for SRO applicable names. The SRO list is for use in accordance with the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions and the SRO Rules.


    Press Releases

    • Feb 5 2014

      Markit distributes CDS data in Korea through Koscom