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The Markit Registry provides an essential tool for managing global carbon, water and biodiversity credits. It allows participants to track environmental projects and to issue, transact and retire serialised credits. The Registry provides infrastructure that increases transparency, efficiency and scalability within the global environmental markets.


  • Project developers
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  • Corporations
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  • Financial intermediaries
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  • NGOs
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  • Governments
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  • Standards organisations


  • 24environmental standards and programmes listed
  • 150m+environmental assets listed

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Product Summary

The Markit Registry is the only registry that allows account holders to manage all their global carbon, water and biodiversity credits in a centralised, financial markets-based registry system. It provides end-to-end management of environmental portfolios and full support for existing and emerging environmental programmes and markets.

The Markit Registry supports both project developers looking to list credits and potential buyers sourcing projects. It enables users to manage environmental projects, credit issuances, transfers and retirements. We also provide publicly viewable documentation and holdings, and all project and listing documentations are reviewed to ensure compliance with relevant environmental market standards.

  • Request For Information (RFI)

    Our RFI platform is an anonymous online platform for the OTC environmental markets, displaying credits available for sale with indicative quantities and prices. These credits are searchable and viewable by registered buyers, who can send expressions of interest. Additionally, buyers may also enter specific criteria of credits that they are wishing to purchase. Introduction through the platform enables the parties to discuss terms of a potential bilateral transaction.

  • Pending Issuance Unit (PIU)

    Markit provides the infrastructure to enable you to track your forward sales of anticipated environmental credits. Each PIU represents an anticipated environmental credit to be delivered based on a specified standard-compliant project validation report. These anticipated units can be listed, serialised, held and tracked on the Markit Registry.

Key Benefits

  • Transparency and efficiency

    Real-time online portal for credit tracking throughout lifecycle and for reporting

  • Trust and confidence

    Regulator-approved capability, with best-in-class security and accountability fostered through unique serial numbers

  • Flexibility and scalability

    Ability to adapt to new rules to accommodate changing marketplace and business requirements, and provides a configurable and expandable architecture platform to facilitate program growth

  • Maximum participation

    Linkage with internal and external auction and trading platforms, and facilitates counterparty interaction for OTC transactions

Registry Info

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  • The Gold Standard Registry Terms of Use

  • The Gold Standard Developers' Toolkit Trial Terms & Conditions


Ohio River Basin Trading Project

  • Ohio River Basin Trading Project Public View



  • PENNVEST Nutrient Credit Trading Program


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