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CTI Tax Solutions helps financial institutions and multi-national corporations comply with tax rules and cross border payments.


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Product summary

Our tools were originally developed in the 1990s at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP by a team of lawyers, accountants, software programmers and operations personnel specialised in section 1441 compliance.

We have a history of working closely with the IRS, and those who have written the tax rules have reviewed our products.

Drawing on extensive experience in domestic and non-resident withholding (Forms W-8, W-9, 8233) and information return reporting (Forms 1042-S, 1099 and 8966) as well as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the impending Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Markit | CTI Tax Solutions helps improve confidence in tax compliance audit readiness.

    Key Benefits

    • Outsourcing

      Markit | CTI Tax Solutions outsourcing services provide a comprehensive solution for compliance with domestic, non-resident, FATCA tax withholding and information return reporting needs, the Common Reporting Standard due diligence and reporting requirements. Services include tax form validation, validation of KYC documents and self-certifications, withholding rate calculations, GIIN/TIN matching, information return reporting, and periodic reviews of compliance

    • Cost effective

      Allows customers to reduce costs associated with tax compliance, investor onboarding and compliance monitoring. This is especially important due to the growing cost of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage for institutions not applying these complicated rules correctly

    • Expertise

      Operational and tax technical training and education available for participants and other interested parties

    • Transparency

      Process, methodology, results and documentation, as defined by auction sponsors, available to all participants, with fully auditable auction proceedings and results

    • Consulting

      We also offer advisory and consulting services, allowing you to work with a subject matter expert to define your firm’s procedures and tax documentation, reporting and withholding requirements


    • April 2016

      FATCA remediation – are you ready or are you buried in an avalanche?

    • March 2016

      Markit releases solution for CRS requirements



    • Apr 25 2016

      2016 Tax Reporting & Withholding Conference