Corporate Sustainability is critical to our approach to business, helping to define our thinking and decision making in order to ensure long term growth.

Sustainability is key to ensuring the security and prosperity of future generations. At Markit, we believe that not only is corporate sustainability the right thing to do but also it is critical to the success of our business, helping to define our thinking and decision making to ensure long term growth. Sustainability guides us to ensure we take a positive approach to the environment as well as economic and social factors. Our sustainability programme is designed to ensure we build long term value in our colleagues, manage our relation with the environment and communities and manage risks. Our employees, customers, shareholders and community provide the fuel that drives the success of our sustainability and citizenship programmes.


Markit takes its approach to the environment very seriously and over the years we have developed programmes that seek to reduce, reuse and recycle at both the corporate and office level. We’re especially proud of the progress we have made in virtualising our server estate, reducing power consumption since 2013 by over 40%. But it doesn’t stop there. We constantly review our approach to consumables and implement technology to reduce the amount we use. And as we know we cannot reduce our carbon footprint to zero, we do the best for the planet by offsetting our remaining footprint.


Every colleague at Markit can take up to three services days each year to work in the community or with charities. Each year since the programme’s launch in 2013, we have seen an increase in the number of days that have been used. In 2015 1,094 colleagues, or over 25% of our employees globally, completed over 10,800 hours of work in the community, an increase of more than 58% over 2014. At the same time, our teams grew stronger, building relationships within and across teams as well as with the communities in which we work. Each year we aim to create a greater impact in through these activities.


There is a strong culture of giving at Markit at the global, local and individual level and Markit donates funds in support of colleague fundraising. In 2015 we raised and donated over $600,000 to causes globally. We are particularly proud of our support of St Baldrick’s the charity that funds global research into childhood cancers. In 2016 we held our tenth global head shave, becoming the lead team for the third year in a row with over $367,000 raised. Elsewhere colleagues ran, cycled, swam, held quiz nights and all manner of activities to raise money for charities close to their hearts.


Diversity and inclusion have been a focus for Markit from our first days as a start-up and they continue to be a driving force behind our business success today. Diversity and inclusion ensures we create an environment where the best and brightest work together to build a strong culture and deliver the best of Markit to our customers. We’re proud of our diverse culture but remain focused on ensuring everyone, no matter their background, feels welcome at Markit.

As part of our diversity focus, we have a thriving global Women’s Forum and LGBT network as well as a growing Parent’s Forum. In December 2015, we were named as a constituent of the Workplace Equality Index (


We believe that corporate responsibility and our governance structure are the cornerstones of sustainable growth. We have built Markit around a solid framework of corporate governance policies and best practices. This framework ensures we can keep delivering to our customers and shareholders whilst minimizing the risks of so doing for all our internal and external stakeholders.

Dedicated board-level committees address key issues covering governance, risk, human resources and audit. The Markit management team leads the implementation of standards throughout the company.

Code of Conduct

Our day to day behaviour is underpinned by our code of conduct and business ethics to which every Markit colleague attests. We believe our code of conduct describes expectations of behaviour that all of us already adhere to in our day to day lives. However it creates a level playing field so that all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, suppliers and colleagues know exactly what to expect of Markit people. We are proud of the standards we expect and hold each other accountable for. View our Code of Conduct here.