Nov 05 2021
      Consultation Update: Methodology Update for 3 iBoxx MSCI ESG Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Indices

      IHS Markit is conducting a consultation regarding a potential methodology update for the following 3 indices, details included in the attachment. The timeline has been updated to allow for an orderly implementation for the next rebalance date and because the change has already been supported by the main user of the custom indices.
      Index Name ISIN (TRI) Ticker (TRI) RIC (TRI)
      iBoxx MSCI ESG EUR Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Index GB00BKYPJT25 IBXXEUES .IBXXEUES
      iBoxx MSCI ESG GBP Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Index GB00BKYPJF88 IBXXGES1 .IBXXGES1
      iBoxx MSCI ESG USD Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Index GB00BKYPKB14 IBXXUES1 .IBXXUES1

      Clients and other stakeholders are invited to review the consultation and provide feedback on the proposed changes.

      The consultation window will remain open through 15 November 2021, and a final decision will be communicated on 16 November 2021.
      For more information please contact us at