MarkitSERVTrade Manager

Trade manager helps buyside firms automate, manage and monitor OTC derivatives trade confirmations and the post trade process for clearing. Trade Manager's consolidated dashboard provides buyside participants with an integrated view of trading activity across multiple OTC asset classes for cleared or non-cleared electronic transactions and paper-based trades.


  • Asset managers
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  • Hedge funds
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  • Pension funds
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  • Asset servicers
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  • Fund administrators
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  • Regional banks


  • 3k+customers, including sellside firms, buyside firms and execution venues
  • 13+clearinghouse connections

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Product Summary

The OTC derivatives space is evolving rapidly as regulation comes into effect globally. Firms are facing new clearing and trade execution requirements, as well as compressed timeframes for achieving confirmation or clearing. While effective dates may differ by region or asset class, buyside firms are actively seeking solutions that provide comprehensive and consistent approaches to their complex needs.

Trade Manager offers buyside participants a single platform for addressing electronic confirmation, clearing and electronically ineligible ('paper') trades. Buyside firms can submit trades and track updates in realtime. Customers can upload trades in Excel format or via the Client API in a realtime FpML API.

  • Electronic confirmations (bilateral)

    Trade Manager matches client trade details against trades submitted by dealer counterparts. Trades are confirmed automatically or highlighted as disputes for counterparts to resolve. Electronic matching or submission flows are supported for interest rate, credit and equity derivatives.

  • Client Clearing

    Clients access Trade Manager’s matching and dispute resolution tools to submit trades to over 13 clearinghouses globally across multiple asset classes. Clients can instruct clearinghouses on specific netting instructions, track clearing acceptance and access clearinghouse identifiers via Trade Manager’s interfaces.

  • Electronic Allocation Delivery (EAD)

    For allocating clients, Trade Manager delivers fund details for credit, equities and rates derivatives electronically via MarkitSERV to dealer counterparts' front office systems for bilateral electronically confirmable trades.

  • Electronically ineligible ('paper') trades

    Non-standard OTC derivatives confirmations are processed electronically on Trade Manager, allowing buyside firms to receive, review, dispute or sign confirmation documents online. Multi-step approval workflow helps firms align with internal controls. OTC derivatives support includes commodities, credit, equities, FX and rates products.

  • Novations

    Trade Manager submits and tracks electronic novations for credit and rates products.

  • Swap Execution Facility (SEF) trades

    As SEF rules come into effect, clients can still receive information and status notifications related to SEF-executed trades via Trade Manager. Trade Manager links SEF trade details to client submitted trades, delivers allocations on trades cleared at the bunched order level to clearinghouses and identifies discrepancies between SEF trades and a firm's internal system record.

Key Benefits

  • Transparency

    Buyside firms have a single view into their operational risk across a variety of workflows and asset classes. Dashboards, status updates and reporting information are available via the web interface, custom report, and realtime API messaging

  • Efficient operational risk management

    Securing confirmation or clearing acceptance quickly helps lower operational risk. Trade Manager’s focus on automation helps firms achieve confirmation without manual reviews, while highlighting key issues for your firm to action. Additionally, with a single platform, your firm has a consistent, controlled approach to manage your risk

  • Connectivity

    One platform means one technology build to access an extensive network of dealers, prime brokers, clearinghouses and execution venues

  • Comprehensive workflow

    MarkitSERV offers the most comprehensive solution for buyside firms’ vast workflow needs, including electronic confirmation matching, clearinghouse connectivity, support for paper-based workflows and regulatory reporting information