Jan 07 2021
      Consultation on iTraxx indices impacted by the US Sanction pursuant to Executive Order 13959

      Pursuant to the Executive Order (EO 13959) signed by the President of the United States of America on Thursday, 12 November 2020, U.S. Persons are prohibited from transacting in securities of certain Chinese companies listed in the Executive Order. The executive order comes into force on 11 January 2021, with an initial 35 entities that have been listed in the order as per 22 December 2020, with the possibility of entities being added to the list in future. Divestment of existing holdings is required by November 2021.

      IHS Markit has identified constituents of active iTraxx Asia ex-Japan and iTraxx Crossover indices that may be impacted by this Executive Order. In light of this, IHS Markit is consulting with the iTraxx Asia ex-Japan and iTraxx Europe Index Advisory Committees to review potential options for existing and upcoming index series. IHS Markit will outline course of action for each of the impacted indices in due course.

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