Nov 27 2023
    IHS Markit Global Carbon Index Component Weights for the Nov 2023 rebalance

    Following are the weights for the upcoming IHS Markit Global Carbon Index that will rebalance on 30 November 2023.

    Component Weight
    EUA 1Y 55.00%
    EUA 2Y 5.00%
    UKA 1Y 5.00%
    CCA 1Y 25.00%
    CCA 2Y 5.00%
    RGGI 1Y 5.00%

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    Nov 27 2023
    Restatement of the IHS Markit Global Carbon Indices

    Please be advised that the index values for 24 November 2023 have been restated for the IHS Markit Global Carbon Indices listed below.

    Ticker Index Name Date Prior Value New Value
    GLCARB IHSM Global Carbon Index 20231124 702.1181 701.1851
    GLCUCITS IHS Markit Global Carbon UCITS Index 20231124 140.4908 140.3356
    GLCCCA IHS Markit Carbon CCA Index 20231124 244.3722 243.5585

    The updated values have been pushed to our vendors and are also available on our SFTP server.

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